My travels: Alps from above

You know what I like to imagine when flying over the Alps from Italy to Germany?
The Roman Empire. It is amazing to think that people of this culture, which still echos throughout our world, Europe but also far and wide, were once going north and looking up on those majestic rocks covered withIMG_20151109_100851_edit snow, wondering what lies beyond them. Where I live now was their end of the world, stormy seas and monsters dwelling in the dark foul waters. Where my civilized home now stands, it was worlds beyond limits of their imagination. I can cross in a plane, 15 minutes max, on-route south-north and arrogantly stare at those magnificent mountains from above. In a moment in time I can take in a physical border, which used to separate the idea of ‘civilization’ from ‘world’s end’ as a mental border post for another culture. This was the limit to known,¬†before they went beyond. Look how far we reached since. It is humbling and empowering. Looking at the Alps from above, quiet and serene, I think of Europe, my home and Europeans, my forefathers, my family.

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