Love Letter to a Friend: the beginning

There is nothing sweeter in this world than good friends.

I have been inspired to write those words today as I listened to an interview given by one of most influential souls I have ever “encountered”, the person I never met face to face and possibly never will – yet he plays a great inspirational role in my life, staying in the background of my heart for a long time now.

“Good friend is someone who really listens… bad friend says ‘it’s not so bad’. (Dismisses). Good friend listens. You need someone who takes your hand and willingly goes with you through the tunnel to the other side”. Paraphrasing a little, this is how his words went. They ring very true to me.

This is where this series of posts takes its beginning, from one idea to another. I realized that I never wrote friendship love letters to some of the most beautiful people who matter so much in my life. Some of them have been with me now for more than twenty years, some for a shorter time but not less important. They all hopefully know what they mean to me as much as I know what I mean to them. Still, “a love letter to a friend” inspiration in the world of constant likes on Facebook, endorsements and recommendations on LinkedIn, follows on Twitter or hearts on Instagram seems like an idea from another age. Just unusual enough to work..

Stay tuned, observe this corner of virtual space for love letters to my close friends: the people who matter the most. I will also try to link to other #LoveLetterToFriend blogposts, facebookposts or real physical paper letters – if any one of you readers feels like joining me in this celebration of friendship.

And in the meantime, I have a little reminiscence for you to read, last year’s reflections after Stade concert by Michael Patrick Kelly  – in mental preparation for the Potsdam concert of his RUAH tour, coming up soon!



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