Are you really there?

In so many ways, I am inspired to look, to search. In every quiet moment I turn to universe, to that source of higher energy that I detect – and then, can’t find anymore… There, and gone.
It is so easy and yet so difficult to believe, give yourself fully to that belief, trust and follow, really be there in faith. Maybe he is only there once I really am? …



I can hear your voice

I can feel your presence

In some way you are within me and without me

Without you however I stay in one place


Limitations of my mind stop me from trusting you

Bariers with no place in a heart’s expanse

I beg for your hand outstretched, over and again

Because the fear stops me from extending mine


You seem to me the sound of trust in silence

You are in the worship of another’s heart

The light of those, who inspire me to further know you

Through them, through me

In harmony and love


Yet I fear and question,

In every still moment look for you again

Trying to touch you in that nothingness that sometimes seems so full

Other times – so empty


Are you really there?



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