A letter to the one, who believes

Please tell me,

in order to know more,
do I have to limit myself in experience of things worldly?
How to go about reducing me to a core –
to that place in the universe of a plum or an apple that carries life on forward?
Is this limitation necessary to experience the truth this world offers?

Is there just one way to believe or plenitude of ways,‎
as old as souls walking this Earth,‎ as varied as our experience?‎

Have you noticed?

Looking at countless stars eternal in their quality -‎
all the same and yet different; stardust’s one, stars a-plenty…
Is this a limitless reduction to the core at play?

Suggest, what is a way to faith – or faith is the way?
Do you open the world in your mind – does world open in front of your senses?
Is it questions or answers?
what I do – what I have – who am I?‎‎
Did you go looking, or did the time find you, when you were ripe and ready to trust?

 ‎What do you think, can faith function without a doubt?
Is it reasonable?
What is the connection between reason and hope, faith and mind?
Doubts, just a dance of shadows hiding  the true light, the core?…
Beginning and end
Forever and more
Deep down in my soul, a place where all places come together –


Back then, long ago,
how did you know which way to go?


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