My travels: photoblog of sun; Artsakh

As I sit in my tiny office in a huge building in the North of Europe in a gloomy December (a lot of staring through the window at the end of the workday…), all I want is to daydream about is the sun, gently kissing the mountains of Nagorno-Karabakh (a disputed region between Armenia and Azerbajan, called Artsakh in Armenian).

You will be treated to yet another quick photoblog from my travels.
Not so many musings, but so much sun!

This is from the long winding road to get there from Armenia:


In this beautiful land, with plenty of nature, sun, culture, history and beauty, the marks of an ongoing Nagorno-Karabakh war are very present. In summer 2015 we were given a private walk and a lively discussion with our wonderful host in Shushi, city marked with both warmth and war.

It was very memorable.

I will definitely write more about it in the upcoming days, as it was one of the most moving and extreme places I ever visited – both in a “positive” and in a “negative” together. For now please enjoy the sunny nature intertwined with the sad architecture of war, presented on the photos below – and know even the longest darkest rainiest December cannot last forever, while travels and sun and memories can : )

Hunot Canyon with amazing nature lying at its bottom; one of the most beautiful places in the world for me:


Signs of previous glory of Shushi, a destroyed school… and columns of the building dating back to a Persian influence in that town, standing alone on the hill overlooking the Canyon, in the middle of an empty hill that used to be the trading post center many centuries ago:


Life, taking over again, in its sweetness sun-kissed nature : )  and wine and even stronger alcohols, at least around 60 percent.. : D


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