We are hanging here, like stars

stretched over the universe,
between become and disintegrate;

Like children of the ultimate creator,
portrayed in Krakow church’s stained glass
in the moment of touch – the artist,
extending his finger to the shadow of human,
God Father – Become!

Giving us life to realize ourselves
– and him in the process of love –
in his might, splendor and power…

and busy we hang,

straining arms, caught in the spider web of events,
we try to reach

plan this or that, buy this or other,
strawberry lip gloss,
house with a mortgage for years forty,
eternal promise to the hallway and doors and chairs,

bio eggs and bread, and coffee –

to make sense of life,
to populate our lonely hours and empty shelves…

Meaningless in the view of time and space

such empty room – human hurried plans.
Elements of daily life, like sand,
our eternal glory trickling through the clock of time,

could we ever become more than that?



Inspired by “Bóg OjciecStań się!” (God Father – Become!) stained glass in the Franciscan church in Krakow, Poland
(by Wyspianski).


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