Hari Georgeson – limerick to George Harrison- some in his own words

On days of profound stress, worry, days when I feel like I lost my way, I turn to soothing music. On some days, no matter how much I love various strings of music of many spiritual creative souls, it is my ultimate forever love, George Harrison, that is the only one that can soothe my soul perfectly. I was trying to describe how his soul/personality/ creativity transcends many limits for me: the distance between the artist and the audience in a mystical sense, the boundary between death and life.. and those are couple of words I came up with for my ultimate inspiration, guiding spirit, Apple Scruff:

He has always been my escape
the soothing destination of the cosmic intuition string
He is about the fundamental truths, the core of reality
the core of being

And though he transcended Maya, he is still here,
within me – within you – without you

Art of dying master

And though seemingly gone, he is stuck inside the cloud
his brain, washed over by tidal waves,
protecting him from darkness, the one he bewared,
by the light that has lighten the world
in delicate guitar weeping when he comes back

in rising sun

he is the ultimate soul

the dark horse trying the dark race course
he persists in the blue moon
in images and metaphors so rich they nearly hurt

non-actively but intensely
he never dissipates

Forever losing and finding his mind,
walking the blue jay way..

Dedicated to fellow fans 🙂



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