Contemplating the promise of upcoming spring

The coming of spring is fresh in the air. It drifts and wafts through the universe.

To me, more than any other time, this is the most perfect time to be making promises to our future selfs and our future lives. Not in the dark December nights, when the old year tips off the edge, falling into the abyss of the 31st, fireworks sending it on its way, giving space to the gloomy January 1st, which wakes up late, staring into our faces with its bleary eyes – no, not then. Granted I live in the North of Europe, where sunny winter days can be counted on fingers of one hand, so I might be slightly biased… but no, to me the gloominess of the passing season is not the time I look into the future with renewed hope and light.

Spring however.. a breath of fresh air, the sun kissing the tops of the trees in the early evening, on its way to its bed, warmer and warmer every day… and the most beautiful season of blooming cherry and apple trees (I spotted the first buds this weekend!), marking the air with unmistakable, intoxicating and delicate sweetness… This is the time to make promises to the new beginning. I celebrate with each and every culture on the face of this beautiful planet, that feels inclined to call this time a re-birth, resurrection of sorts, a new soul, a new hope, renewal of primal energy.

I feel fascinated by the Nowruz traditions of ancient Persia – their new year that is still celebrated in modern Iran, during the March equinox that marks the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. I have always been drawn to their renewal traditions, marking the new light in life. After all, “ruz” part of the name of the celebration can be translated as day (new day) – or closer to the root of the word, “new light”.

New light, new spring, new beginnings. New hope.
New life.


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