Love Letter to a friend: You make my world become alive.

My friend,

I am not one, who finds comfort in material objects. When I look at paintings, books and blankets in my home, I rarely see anything other than the physical world. Comfortable and secure – but cold. I know that for some people, all these little things and trinkets have a meaning, each one a memory. They have a voice, they speak and bring so much inspiration and remembering – but not for me.

Only when the objects relate to love and bond, they become alive. And somehow, from all the people in my life – and I do not know how, as our relationship is so immaterial in so many ways! – you, my friend, have the most ability to make the world of visible become alive around me.

I know you have a very difficult time. I know the last couple of days have been exceptionally hard. You carry a mountain of feelings so dark and difficult, that just lifting a lid causes a tempest within, and now, another stone has fallen. You find it hard to lift this baggage inside your heart. But even though you live far from me now, I can feel you so closely, so tangibly, in my heart, in my soul and my thoughts, yesterday, today and most likely tomorrow 🙂 It is as if my spirit went over there, to comfort you. Words are not enough over this distance, but I believe that there is such a thing as energy crossing distance and time, and I know part of my energy is there with you now.

My dear friend, in moments like this I wear the necklace you gave me for this wonderful birthday, when I felt most loved in my life. It is with me and it is very alive. The very shape of it, the hand and the stone signifies friendship, protection and love.


As I sit here, sipping green tea from the beautiful tea-pot set that you gave me another day and writing these words to you, I feel my energy flow in circles around your tired head, caressing and lifting the stony weight, and telling you that at the end of the day, everything will finds it way, and all the ways will lead to the part of you that is truth and courage and light. You are love, you are strength, you are vibrant, soulful and kind – and I just know the universe will smile back.


Love Letter to a friend is a series, which believes that love to friends needs expression and letters. Coffee and chocolate too. And hugs. 

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