In my travels I usually end up in corners of the world that are not so easy to navigate.

From trying to read a whole new alphabet after just a week in a new country – such beautiful scripture in marshurtka windows in Georgia – and navigating a rocky pathway through the medieval cave dwellings in Armenia, to running away from an oncoming train in Tunnel of Love in Ukraine, I will take you to those corners of exploration with me and hopefully provide factual information, mindless musings and sparks of contagious travel bug in the process!

At the end of the day, for me travel is standing still, experiencing the new place with an open heart and open soul, witnessing and not judging, trying to learn of human life wherever I go, of the history, tastes, expriences, beliefs and stereotypes alike. Travel is a state of mind and openess of soul – and wherever I go, I always bring new inspiration back.